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What a wonderful first week of our last half term in Year 5! In our first book club session this...

cook book

We are so excited to announce that The Wybunbury Delves Lockdown Cookbook is ready and the order...

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Year 1, we have had a very sunny and fun first week back after half term. As we arrived on Monday...


Welcome back Y6 to your final term at Wybunbury Delves. A term that is jam-packed! You have begun...

A week of 3D shapes !

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Reception, what another very busy week we have had! I am so impressed with your enthusiasm for learning at the moment as we have explored 3D shapes in our environment. We have found out that ' A ball is a sphere, a traffic cone is a cone, a dice is a cube, a cereal box is a cuboid and an Egyptian pyramid is a square based pyramid.'

In nature club we have built a hedgehog home in our garden from wood and leaves as we have discovered that hedgehogs will be trying to find somewhere warm to hibernate. I think it looks very cosy and inviting. Let's wait and see if we get any visitors.

In our literacy work we have been writing simple sentences about our fantasy homes. I loved all the fabulous ideas and drawings that came in from home to help us with our ideas. We have created beautiful paintings from our ideas which we have displayed in class.

There has also been a great deal of construction work going on in the garden as you have been designing different types of homes for each other. It was lovely to see you work as a team, especially when you listened to each other's ideas and worked out how to change your ideas when they didn't work out.

Have a lovely weekend
See you Monday
Mrs Taylor

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