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Another week has gone by, this year has definitely gone far too fast. This week you have been...


Another week has flown by in Y3 and I can't believe we are nearing the end of our time in Y3...

We have been learning about shape!

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This week we have focused our learning exploring shape. We started each session naming shape we knew and sang a shape song. ( You can find these shape songs by typing shape song into Google — they are very catchy!)

Rainbows have been hunting for shape in the environment and looking at beginning to describe shape; "the rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides" observed Hugh. "the square has 4 sides" described George. "the circle goes round and round and round" said Max.

Teddies and Butterflies have been matching shape to pictures and objects, making pictures with shape and have enjoyed a shape hunt in the garden.

Within our free play we have baked shape biscuits, created shape hats, painted with shape, constructed with shape, played shape bingo and used shape cutters in the playdough.

At lunch time we have been looking at the different shapes in our lunch boxes, "my sandwiches are square" said Lulu. "My sandwiches are triangle" said Megan. "My cheese is circle" said Hugh.

It has been a wonderful week learning about shape (I am all shaped out ;0!) What shapes can yo0u find this weekend.

Have fun looking,

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