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In English this week, we have been developing our SPaG skills. At the start of the week, we...

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This week in Year 4

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This week in Year 4, we have been very busy indeed!

We started the week off with our usual challenge of times tables and spellings but we also took on an extra challenge; a maths paper! As we were that amazing at our place value lessons last week, we needed to be challenged further. We have also moved onto to addition, multiplication and division challenges, which involved a lot of partner work, as well as individual work.

In English this week, we have explored the different types of letters, their key features and have even started to write our own. We are writing a letter as if we were the main character from our class book; 'The Firework Maker's Daughter'.

In science this term, we are investigating sound. We are trying to discover the answers to our own questions and we have made lots of noise doing it. This week, we have focused on how sound is made and how sound travels. Lots of practical work has been required and we may have been a little bit messy.

This week marks the start of completing our very first page in our study work books. Last week, we looked at the Shang dynasty's timeline and from that, we have created our own timeline in our books. They are looking fab!

In geography this week we have been developing our learning by investigating time zones. We used a chocolate orange which represented the earth and helped us to see the invisible lines of latitude on it, we looked at the position of the sun at 12 noon and the light and dark around the globe- it was easy to see that we could not have 12 noon in different places at the same time. We then used Atlases and fact sheets to work out the time zones of different places.

In RE we are studying Islam and we learned about 'The Night of Power'. We spent time reflecting upon the questions this generated and we thought about how important this is for Muslims.

This week in art, we have designed four of our very own willow patterns. We did this based on a willow pattern poem. The designs are looking good and will be transferred over to cardboard plates next week.

It's been exhausting but a lot of fun!

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