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This week in year 3

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This week in year 3, we have learnt about biography in literacy, shared examples of biographies and started to research famous explorers, so that we can write our own biographies next week. We will share our research so that we all learn lots about each of our 5 chosen explorers: Sir Francis Drake, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Roald Amundsen and Captain James Cook.

In numeracy, as in other classes, we have enjoyed exploring our new maths resource 'Numicon' and used this to help our work on fractions. In no time, we were finding halves and quarters of numbers and making links such as: If a quarter of 16 is 4, an eighth must be 2 and a sixteenth must be one! Some of us continued to use Numicon to give us confidence, while others used it as a starting point but soon moved on to working fractions out mentally. We all agree that Numicon is great to help us with our maths.

In the afternoons, we have learnt how to draw carefully observed portraits and had the chance to practise in our sketch books, before we used our new skills to sketch portraits of our famous explorers. There will soon be a gallery in our classroom so do pop in to see our work.

In R.E this week, we began to consider our big questions for this half term: Why are there different types of churches?, How are they different and What makes a church? We had a very interesting discussion this afternoon and children's responses showed they were thinking very carefully indeed about these big questions. Then, the children began to design their own special place of worship. It was interesting to hear that Emily considers anywhere that the wind can blow calmly to be a special place where she can think, reflect and talk to God. For Maisie, it was a place where she could watch the sun set and Anya wanted her church to be somewhere those without a home of their own would feel welcome. It just goes to show that we can worship or find time for reflection just about anywhere. Reuben pointed out that as long as there is togetherness, a group of people can pray and worship. What a fascinating chat we had.

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