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Year 1, I am not quite sure how we are already at half term already! This term you have settled...

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'Share God's love, shine God's light, we're pumpkin heroes and we shine real...


Reception Class, we have made it !I cannot believe we have completed our first term at school...

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And half term is upon us! Where does the time go? Year 6 you have been an absolute joy to be with...

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Servants at Tatton Park

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On Friday, we left the school house and travelled in our carriage to Lord and Lady Egerton's grand house — Tatton Park!

Once we'd arrived, we were met by Adams (a servant) and were taken to the servants quarters to meet the House Keeper. The House Keeper informed us that there were several servant positions available at Tatton and, if we would like to be considered for the post, we were to work hard to impress her.

To ensure we had sufficient experience, she gave us several tasks to carry out. We had to scrub the floors, polish the silver, prepare the bedrooms, make the beds and bake a batch of scones. Whilst we were working, we were shown the different rooms we would be expected to work in. There was the Salting Room, the Scullery, the Still Room and many more! The House Keeper also told us precisely how to behave whilst carrying out our tasks: ladies went first; servants do not speak unless spoken to; boys will walk with their hands behind them and girls must walk with their hands in front of them. And, under no circumstances are you EVER to use the grand stair case.

Thankfully, each of you followed the rules diligently and impressed the House Keeper with your hard work. You impressed her so much that we were allowed to look at some of the state rooms in the mansion and you were each offered the position!

So, with a scone in hand, we thanked the House Keeper for her kindness and promptly left to pack a suitcase as each of you will start your new job on Monday.

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