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Well, year 1 superstars haven't you worked hard this week. We have been authors, musicians...


'Once there was a pencil, a lonely little pencil and nothing else.Then one day it moved, it...


This week we've been hammock makers, story writers and super sound investigators...In our...

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Science - Preschool

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Wednesday the boys were busy mark making with boards and pens (we hadn't used these before) Freddie, Kian, Alex quickly noticed "they stick together" "Look Tara, look Libby" they excitedly showed us. Libby asked "why does that happen" The boys replied "cos there magnetic" The boys independently then went and found other objects in the room that would 'stick' to there pen. "The scissors stick" Alex " "it's sticking" Kian observed about the radiator. "it doesn't stick to the table" Alex observed. "Why?" Tara asks because it's not metal. Mrs.Chesters popped into preschool and Kian couldn't wait to show her what they had discovered.

Today the children have been inspired by Oliver, he fetched ice into preschool this morning to show us all. Kimmy popped it into a bowl so we could watch what would happen to it. Oliver said "it will melt" Freddie sais " it will turn back into water"
During play outside the children continued to find ice in the garden, linking to us learning and finding out about shape Kian showed kimmy and Tara a piece of ice "look this ice is a triangle" Oscar then found a "square" piece of ice. Fantastic boys. Verity fetched Tara some ice inside to show her. "it's ice Tara, I'm going to keep it inside" "why"? I ask "to watch it melt" she responded. "why will it melt I ask"? "cos the suns out" Verity answered. "it will turn to water" Esme then said.

Child-led learning at its best this week at preschool!

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