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Reception weekly news

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Another busy week in Reception!

This week we have focused on diversity and respect as part of Anti-Bullying Week. We began by crumpling up pieces of paper and then standing on them before trying to then smooth them out. After apologising to the paper we could see that the paper still looked creased and a little crumpled which led us into the discussion that this is how a child might feel if we are mean to them time and time again. We considered how we might show kindness to each other and have begun working towards ticking off as many 'random acts of kindness' on our class chart. Has anyone noticed a difference to what we have said this week and how we have been saying it yet?

When reading 'The family book' by Todd Parr, we explored the diversity of families whilst thinking about the importance of our own families, creating a family tree to show how not all families look the same. In celebrating our uniqueness we created a friendship chain showing that whilst we are individuals, we are all linked by a common love for each other following Jesus' explanation of his second greatest commandment 'Love others as you would like them to love you.'

In literacy we have talked about how we went about making a stick man and the order of that process, introducing the terms, first, next, then and finally. When we were confident with our verbal instructions we then attempted to write a set for someone else to follow. Can you retell them to someone this weekend?
In phonics we looked at the consonant digraph 'ch' and made small 'ch' books labeling pictures with words containing this sound, leading us into writing captions and sentences using these words.

In number work we have focused on measuring and have had great fun organising all the sticks into bundles of the same size. Once we had created the bundles we then ordered them from shortest to longest, discovering that some people use different vocabulary to describe this such as: taller, smaller, higher or lower, but they all mean the same thing. A huge thank you to all the families that kindly collected a huge array of sticks, enabling us to carry out this activity.

With Mrs Swan in PE we used rackets, bats and sticks to control the ball, ensuring we were respecting the equipment and each other in the space. In music we chose our favourite songs to sing before we start our Christmas nativity songs next week. Bye bye Barney Bear- see you in January.

In nature club we went on a nature treasure hunt, observing change and growth and similarities and differences in the natural world around us, then created some wonderful nature crowns to show off some of our finds.

Today our second group joined forest school and had a very messy morning, creating a mud kitchen and meeting a tree. This involved being led by a partner to feel a natural object whilst wearing a blindfold and then guessing what it was. Then looking at cross sections of trees and counting the rings, discussing how trees are made up of roots, branches and a trunk which helps them to be strong.

We also celebrated Children in Need today and all came to school in our spots! A huge thank you to our fundraisers who helped ensure that each of us was able to take part in the colouring competition, buy a cake and guess the sweets in the jar. We are obviously good at guessing numbers and colouring as two of us won! Congratulations. It was great to see so many people getting involved in another fantastic event.

Have a restful weekend
kindest regards
Mrs Taylor

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