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"We often forget we are nature"

This week as part of our theme on forest and woodland life we have looked at the natural artwork of Andy Goldsworthy who said the above quote. This led to a great discussion about how he sets out his natural objects and the different places he chose to create them, especially in woodland areas. We noticed how he used different sizes of the same objects in some pieces of art creating depth to it. Unlike a painting or a drawing we understood that his artwork would only last a short space of time because of how and where it had been made, our new word for this was 'transient art.' After collecting leaves, stones, twigs, conkers and pine cones we set about creating our own natural artwork in class and in our outdoor areas. We think you'll agree they look beautiful!

Our resources have also come in handy in our independent learning time to create small forests and wooded areas and dens for our small world animals. There was a great deal of attention paid to how it should look and set out so that each animal had its own area, which showed a great understanding of what we have learnt so far and how we are applying it into our play.

Through our discussion about Andy Goldsworthy's art we thought about words to describe our natural world around us in our garden and forest school area. Once we had thought of some really good ones we started to put them into spoken sentences to tell our friend and then extended this into our writing activity. Our writing is really coming along and we are very proud of our achievements when we write a few sentences that can be read by another reader.

The travelling book fair came to visit this week so we have had a look at some new books together and chosen a few for our classroom to help with our learning. We are looking forward to reading them over the next few weeks.

In our mathematics learning this week we have continued with the concept of one less and have focused on ordering one less stories and working with a partner to demonstrate this with five frames and cubes to represent our objects in our stories. After lots of practical opportunities we then transferred this into our math journal and drew our one less stories using , first , then and now sequencing words to explain it. " First I had five bees buzzing around my flower, then one flew away, now I have four. One less than five is 4."

In our PE session we have performed the different sections of our dance routine as a performance which Miss Alex kindly recorded so we could watch it back in class together. We were very excited to see ourselves on the big screen and commented on our choices of movements for how the leaves moved. Learning to appraise our work is an important skill as it helps us to think about how we can improve on our work.

As we have started to practice our nativity in earnest, ready to show our families in just over a week, we talked about the sequencing of the nativity story in our RE session and the importance of all of the characters that we are playing. We have been using our nativity story sack in our independent learning time to retell the story to our friends. We are excited to share this story with everyone and ask each day: "Are our families coming to watch us today?" Soon!

Have a lovely weekend
See you on Monday morning.
Mrs Taylor

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