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Dear dinosaur, this week has been another busy week in reception!

Our week began with PE where we have continued our theme of gymnastics and looked at different ways of rolling. Maybe if you have the space you could practice your Teddy bear rolls at home. http://youtu.be/rruAv_HdE70

We have had a final rehearsal of Barney Bear songs in preparation for our little show next week and are very excited to share this with parents.

In phonics we have have explored the 'ar' digraph where we have, through a range of activities practised writing words quickly with the 'ar' sound and composed sentences to match pictures as well as reading passages containing words with this week's sound, highlighting them as we read.

In our writing tasks we taken the word 'sharp' from our phonics sessions and discussed how it could be used to describe some of the features of a dinosaur. We then drew our own dinosaurs to incorporate sharp features, like spikes, teeth, claws and horns. When we were happy with our design we wrote sentences to inform the reader about them and why the dinosaur might have them.

We have started to identify patterns in numbers whilst finding one more or one less than a given number. We started with numbers to ten, quickly identifying numbers using a number line, moving forwards or backwards along it to identify more or less. Excitingly, we expanded on this by introducing a hundred square and began to transfer our knowledge of smaller numbers to bigger numbers: 4 is one less than 5 and 6 is one more than 5, therefore 14 is one less than 15 and 16 is one more than fifteen, 24 is one less than 25 and 26 is one more than 25 and so on.
It was a fantastic light bulb moment as we saw this could be repeated with any chosen number.

To celebrate Interfaith Harmony week we have held our very own 'Early Years Bake Off' focusing on how people from different cultures and religions use food to celebrate festivals and ways of life.

Having looked at the first story in the Old Testament, the creation story, we explored how the Jewish religion celebrates the Sabbath day in recognition of God's creation of the world by having a rest day which starts at sunset on Friday until sunset Saturday. This is a time of peace and harmony with their families. Challah bread pays an important part of their celebration and so we each attempted to create our own plaited loaf. They looked absolutely amazing and filled our classrooms with the most wonderful aroma!

As we are celebrating our Festival of Lights, known as Candlemas, when Jesus was recognised as a great light as he was presented at the temple 40 days after his birth, we compared this with the Hindu lights festival Diwali and made sweet treats called 'Ladoo' to share with our families. They looked a little messy but they tasted very yummy!

This week we also discovered the work of the charity 'WaterAid' and how water is essential for life. We thought about all the things we use water for and the list seemed endless. After counting how many times we turn a tap on each day we recognised how fortunate we are to be able to do so.

We looked at images of our partner school Kaiyaba in Kenya and how there was one tap for the whole school to share so children brought a bottle of water to school, as did we in recognition of how it had to meet our daily need. WaterAid fitted a new tank at Kaiyaba which has improved the quality of children's lives there as it does around the world.
Thank you Mrs Pointon for providing us with our learning materials for this, we really enjoyed this session.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Taylor

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