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Reception weekly news

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"Moo moo" said the cow
"Want to eat some grass?"
The spider didn't answer she was busy spinning her web!

This week we have used the story of 'The Very Busy Spider' to lead our literacy learning, retelling the story to practice the repetitive nature of words used in the story and then selecting our favourite animals and writing them into the story with the spider using the framework of the text. There has been some great independent work going on this week as we are becoming more confident writers. Our phonics focus has been the special friend 'oi' digraph which we have segmented and blended in words to read and write sentences.

We have continued to work on subtraction number sentences this week, introducing a number line to count back from our starting number to find our answer. This has led to great discussions about which method we find more efficient . Some of us prefer using counters, some representing it as pictures and some to quickly count back. What we all agree on, is that we are finding subtraction and number problems easier to solve!

In our creative area we have used different techniques to create pictures of spiders using wax crayons and waterd down paint. After carefully applying the wax we washed the pictures with paint and watched as the wax resisted the paint and revealed the spiders dangling from their silky threads. Very effective!

We have been very excited each day to try different science activities for Science week. From writing secret messages on bananas, to making secret potions with cabbage water, we have been learning that we are all scientists.
On Monday, we attempted to make sugar crystal sparklers by adding sugar to hot water, we learnt that hot water holds more sugar than cold water. We placed a skewer into our solution and waited for it to cool down so the sugar would form crystals on the skewer.
On Tuesday we made a red cabbage potion by soaking red cabbage in hot water until the water became purple. Using lemon juice in a pipette ans teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, we explored the different colour changing properties of the red cabbage. We loved the way it bubbled and fizzed when we added the bicarbonate, it made us feel like Harry Potter!
On Wednesday we placed celery sticks in water and have begun to see them sprout roots already, which is very exciting.
And finally on Thursday we wrote secret messages on bananas using cocktail sticks, recognising that our messages became readable after they were exposed to air.

In PE with Mrs Swan we have continued with our yoga lessons, this weeks based around The Wizard of Oz story. In music we focused on songs that tell stories, recognising that every song tells a story or has a message. Friendship was our message this week.

This week we led our first worship to the whole school and our parents and grandparents. Our class fruit of the spirit is self control and we did an amazing job of explaining what that means to us and retold the story of how Jesus showed self control when he was tempted in the wilderness. Thank you to all who attended and your wonderful comments, we really appreciated your thoughts and sentiments.

After such a busy week packed with so much learning, it was lovely to finish our week dressed in red for comic relief. Don't we all look fab! Today was also another big celebration as Miss Alex celebrated her 21st Birthday. Mmmm chocolate cake and skittles, I can't think of a better way to finish a Friday afternoon!

Have a great weekend
Mrs Taylor

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