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It's been a fantastic couple of days as we start our Year 2 journey together. Everyone has come...


It was wonderful to welcome you all back to school on Thursday. We have had a wonderful first two...

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Welcome Reception Class to the start of our great learning adventure together.I have been so...

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A massive THANK YOU to the PTA committee and all the volunteers for the hard work over the summer...

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Reception weekly news

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What a lovely way to begin our week by walking down to church with our buddies to be part of a new starters welcome service.
Our buddies did us proud by leading the worship and telling us in their messaging about Jesus being the Light of the world, that each and every one of us is a shining light for the world. How our good works, our character, our behaviour and our actions lead the way. We all have talents and qualities which can lead the way for others, we all influence people each day — even at our age! and certainly all have something to give!

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents that came to share worship with us and support us in walking to church safely. We very much appreciated it.

In our maths learning this week we have been looking at what different numbers look like. Using numicon pieces and numerals we used different objects around the classroom to highlight the different ways of showing a number. We also looked at showing a number by clapping or jumping for chosen numerals. Super maths work reception!

We are really settling into our morning phonics sessions with learning new sounds each day, quick writing activities and lots of 'Fred talk' to help segment and blend sounds to say words. Its lovely to see such good progress in a short space of time. In our literacy activities this week we have enjoyed listening to some favourite stories and then role playing them out, developing the characters and using vocabulary from the story to help in our story telling. I loved it when you started to compare the fox in the three stories we had read, it showed a great understanding of characters and why they do and say certain things in stories.

Revisiting our book 'Home' by Alex T Smith we looked at some of the illustrations of the characters home and identified that they had used wallpaper to decorate and make their house homely. After discussing what wallpapers we had in our homes and the rooms we used them in, we set about designing our own by making a printing tile.

Once we were happy with our designs we set about printing it in a repeated pattern onto paper using some very posh metallic printing paints. They look fabulous ! I would definitely use them on my walls.

In our independent learning time this week we have created a building site in the sand tray with construction diggers and building blocks and built some very impressive towers. We have also played schools, I have seen some very impressive phonics teaching this afternoon with plenty of 'my turn, your turn' teaching method going on. I can see some future teachers amongst you!

Have a lovely weekend, hopefully it's not too soggy!
Mrs Taylor

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