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Reception class news

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This week seems to have flown by reception, here are some of our best bits!

In our Literacy learning this week we have identified the different parts of the sunflower plant through its stages of growth and made labels for our sunflower watercolour art. It was our first attempt at carefully tearing out our words and arranging them onto our work. We know that these skills will help us to approach study work independently as we progress through school.

This week's phonics focus has been to continue with reading and writing phase 4 tricky words as well as learning how to break polysyllabic words into smaller units of speech to read and write them. Our confidence is really growing in this area now as we can recall our phase 3 sounds quickly to help us.

Our musical adventures continued with Mrs Swan and Barney Bear as we prepare for our summer concert at Clonter. This week we have explored dynamics and different musical language of volume 'piano' 'mezzo piano' and 'forte' using our 'I hear the band song'

In our mathematical learning we have looked at the concept of money, identifying the different denominations, shape, colour and markings. We then looked at how each coin represented the number or value of pennies, so we know that 20p is the same as 20 x1p coins. This was very exciting as we counted out the number of 1p coins to represent larger denominations. As we moved to the pictorial aspect we counted out coin values shown in a jar and wrote labels for them.

Our focus for RE this week has been the Holy Spirit with our key question 'What do Christians say the Holy Spirit is like?' First we went out onto the field and stood as still as possible to feel the gentle wind blow around us. It was a perfect day to do this as the wind was very obliging! It blew through our hair and we felt it on our faces and arms. We talked about how the wind made us feel and thought of words to describe the wind. We then listened to the Pentecost story and talked about what happened to the disciples and how the Holy Spirit affected the disciples, similar to the effect of the wind on the field we experienced.

In response to the story we created our own art interpretations of the Holy Spirit as wind using bright colours, even though we know that we cannot see wind, the same as we cannot see the Holy Spirit. We are looking forward to creating a piece of big art from our small scale creations.

News from our garden: the broad beans have emerged from the soil with some very healthy shoots and our sunflowers are about an inch tall in the peat pots and about two inches tall for the ones we directly planted in the soil. We will have to compare their heights again next week!

We have received a wonderful gift for our garden this week which was lovingly made by one of our granddads. A hedgehog house! It looks amazing and we have created a little restaurant nearby where the hogs can have access to clean water and some cat biscuits. There is great excitement each day as we check to see if we have had any visitors. Some food had gone this morning so we have our fingers crossed for a resident soon.

Our tadpoles are growing well too and seem to have doubled in size since last week. It seems our class and garden are full of the wonders of nature for us to observe growth and changes. How lucky we are!

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Taylor

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