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PE this term!

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This term in PE all year groups will be focusing on throwing as their key Fundamental movement skill. Each year group will be taught through the same initial game, which will be adapted using the 'CHANGE IT' principle through out the lesson to meet the specific classes needs. Group discussion and individual goal setting will then be used to further learning.

7th Jan

Cone knock down. This week in PE we played a game called 'Cone Knock Down'. The classes were split into two teams placed either side of the hall. Each team had three cones to protect within their side of the hall while trying to knock over the cones of the opposing teams cones in the other half of the hall. We adapted the game the games by changing the location of the targets, the size of the targets and the style of throw required. Discussions were centred around principles of throwing such as aim and trajectory as well as advantages and disadvantages of different throwing techniques such as under arm, over arm, overhead and side arm.

14th Jan

Newcomb ball. This week in PE we played Newcomb ball. Newcomb ball is a simplified version of volleyball where a player is allowed to catch the ball instead of constantly striking the ball to keep it off the ground. We adapted the court to reward different shot styles, such as a drop shot, with different points and also confined players to limited areas on the court to encourage tactical awareness of attacking opportunities. Discussions centred around trajectory and power of throws, for instance a similar throw to a spike in volleyball needs a different trajectory and power to a lob shot.

21st Jan


Kingball. This week in PE we played Kingball. The classes were split into two teams and positioned either side of the hall. Each team elects a king or queen to stand on a bench in the opposing teams half of the hall. Players must then try to throw the ball over the opposition team to their king or queen. If the king or queen catches the ball the player gets to join the king or queen as a catcher on the bench just as in benchball. The winning team is the first team to have all of its members on the bench. The game was modified by limiting a players movement with the ball and adding defenders or jokers who were allowed to enter the opposing teams territory to assist their team or disrupt the other teams play. This weeks lesson was used to cement learning from the previous two weeks and to increase the speed of decision making when throwing. Discussions centred around styles of throws for success in different situations, for instance a fast flat throw can be used when a receiver has no opposition in the way but an accurate looped throw may be more successful if the opposing team are defending their space efficiently.

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