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Fee fi fo fum - Preschool

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Welcome back preschool!

We couldn't believe that over the half term break a beanstalk has grown in preschool! The children guessed straight away that the story we would be looking at this term is Jack and the Beanstalk. We have tried very hard not to wake the Giant who we think is living at the top at the beanstalk.

We have enjoyed exploring the new activities this week in preschool.

To develop our fine-motor skills we have been threading cheerios onto skewers to create 'tall' beanstalks and we have used tweezers to sort different sized beans. This has been quite tricky but the children persevered with the task.

We have planted our own magic beans, the rainbows have planted theirs using a paper towel in place of the soil, teddies have planted there's in soil and the butterflies have planted theirs in plastic bags using cotton wool. We wonder which groups will grow the best?

The children have explored runner beans, they chopped and cut them open and found the seeds inside, the children counted how many they found. Verity planted some of them "cos they are magic beans" she told me.

The boys in particular love to construct with the large wooden blocks and they have been building the giant's house independently, they work together beautifully to plan and work out how to build and what materials they will need. They then found objects form the garden to help them with their play, stones became golden eggs, bamboo sticks became the beanstalk. Great team work boys.

Leading on from the boys using the bamboo sticks to create beanstalks, we used different green paper and wool to wrap around and make them look like beanstalks, and worked out how we could attach them together to make them taller. They have been attached to the tree in the garden — have a look, ask your child to tell you which is the tallest/shortest.

Fee, fi, fo, fum has been a popular phrase used in preschool this week. In small groups we thought about how to write these words. We listened carefully to the sounds we could here and wrote them, come and have a look at your children's fantastic work, it has been displayed on the castle in preschool.

A fantastic first week back.


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