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Diaries and discoveries in Year 6

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This week, after exploring how brackets, dashes and commas can be interchangeable when information is dropped into a sentence, we worked on diary writing. We found that, as we become more sophisticated writers, it can be tricky to maintain the correct style. The 'voice' of written work holds greater importance, and we found that this is true when writing diary extracts. Nonetheless, we had a go and, after reading an example of a diary which sounded too story-like, we revisited earlier work to improve it with lots of success. Well done everyone!

In our class novel, Exodus, a mystery is unfolding. Mara (the main character) has learned that she may be 'The face in the stone'. At first, she is unnerved by her discovery but she soon realises that this may be an advantage in her quest to help the orphaned urchin children and to enter New Mungo. A mysterious rhyme is heard. With this in mind, we looked at the coat of arms of Glasgow — and, lo and behold, there are links between the rhyme in our fictional tale and Glasgow's coat of arms. How intriguing!

This discovery will lead into some Geography based study work so, this afternoon, we took the opportunity to complete art work based on the coat of arms to accompany those pages in our books.

It is such a pleasure to share the story with you at the end of the day, Year 6. I love those 'lightbulb moments' when I see you've made a link and you are keen to share your idea with everyone. Don't forget, by researching character names, St. Mungo, the rhyme and the coat of arms, there are yet more discoveries to be made!

Some children have told me that they found the subjunctive quite difficult when completing online SPAG homework so there will be no new spag.com homework this week to give everyone the chance to have another go. I hope another attempt helps everyone feel more secure with this tricky aspect of grammar.

Have a lovely end to your week. I can't wait to share the next instalment of Exodus with you on Monday.

Miss Lake

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