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Busy Year 2s!

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Yesterday, I received a lovely message from Miss Lake telling me all what you had been up to Year 2. It sounds exciting and I can't wait to come back to see it all. In science, you have learnt all about seeds, what they need and how they grow. You planted radish seeds in pairs and you are monitoring them to see if they need more water or are showing any signs of growth. You then planted 4 comparative radish pots (one will get light and water, one will get light but no water, one will get no light but water and one will get no light or water). You filled in a sheet of predictions each. Which one do you think will grow and why? I can't wait to find this out when I get back!

You then learnt about the life cycle of a plant and impressed Miss Lake showing her what you already knew. You then acted out being seeds, germinating, growing into plants and then dropping our seeds back to the ground to start again. This sounds so much fun! You also looked at all the parts of a plant that we eat, learnt about fruit farms and had a go at designing a fruit farm of our own.

Back to the Romans, you continued to learn about Roman food, (did you find out any more strange foods they ate?) set up your Roman menu page, drew and watercoloured parts of the menu and learned how to play Rota, a Roman strategy game. I don't know how to play this one, please can you teach me?

I then had another message from Mrs Parker to tell me more of what you have been up to. Wow you have been so busy! In maths, you have been telling the time to the quarter hour, half an hour and also telling the time to 5 minutes. This is impressive. I would love to see lots of you wearing watches to help you tell the time and keep impressing Mrs Parker.

In your English lessons, she tells me you were writing your recounts of the visit to Chester. She has let me into a secret that this will be for a study work page. I'm especially looking forward to reading this one as I was so sad to miss it. Keep up the great work.

In your music lessions you have moved onto a new unit with Mrs Parker and you now have a new song. I love it. Click here to watch!

I hope you are all having a big rest this weekend, it sounds like you need it!

Miss McCurrie

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