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Reception Class, I am so proud of you all today! You all tried you best in each race during our...

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What a super evening Reception class! Once we had snuggled down, opened the popcorn, we really...

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In school last week, we have been learning about our Health and Relationships. Our week has brought...

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Reception class, what a fantastic way to finish off a rather busy week, than with our own Minibeast...

Before the PGL adventure in year 6...

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The start of the week in Year 6.

We began our week by mind-mapping our ideas for a description of 'The Weave', gathering the key places within it and brainstorming the most powerful word choices we could find.

We then wrote our first draft, taking Mara on her journey through this amazing virtual landscape.

In Science, we focused on Charles Darwin's study of finches on the Galapagos islands. We measured the beaks of 7 different finches and analysed our findings. We then made bird beak models and had a feeding frenzy. Was the bigger or smaller beaked bird likely to eat the most seeds in two minutes? What could this mean for the species? We discussed the meaning of the term 'natural selection' and discovered that a variation of 3 millimetres could mean the difference between survival and extinction.

Today, we spent time discussing the hidden meanings within words such as 'instinctively'. What does it tell us if a character acts instinctively? We then edited our work thoroughly and tried to get it 'presentation ready'. Our children have an amazing and ever-expanding vocabulary and descriptions are powerful yet again.

This afternoon, we prepared our first study work page and translated phrases into French to answer the question: Quel temps fait-il?

As you will be away for three days, no Spag.com homework will be set this week (although the Spag book homework and spellings have been set as usual).

Have an amazing adventure at PGL, year 6. I can't wait to hear all about it next week. We will try to make use of your experience there in our next piece of writing. I hope you sleep. I could feel the anticipation at the end of the day...How exciting!

Miss Lake

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