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Well, year 1 superstars haven't you worked hard this week. We have been authors, musicians...


'Once there was a pencil, a lonely little pencil and nothing else.Then one day it moved, it...


This week we've been hammock makers, story writers and super sound investigators...In our...

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Autumn has arrived!

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This week we have begun to learn about autumn. We read the story 'Autumn' written by author Ailie Busby and explored what were the signs of autumn "red leaves", "orange leaves", "leaves changing colour", "leaves falling down", "pumpkins", "apples", "acorns" "blackberries" were some of the children observations. After reading our story we went to search for autumn treasures in the school environment. The children were filled with excitement as they found leaves changing colour, leaves on the ground, acorns, blackberries and apples "lots of apples"! I can't to see what you find on your autumn walks over the weekend.

We learnt a few autumn songs:

1,When the leaves fall off the trees,
off the trees, off the trees.
When the leaves fall off the trees,
we know it's autumn time!

2. Leaves are changing, leaves are changing.
All around, all around.
Red and yellow orange, red and yellow orange,
Some are brown, some are brown.

In our literacy sessions we learnt that apple begins with an 'a' sound. We learnt to say 'a' and write 'a'. We also read the story 'The Very Helpful Hedgehog" by author Rosie Wellesley. Children had to listen carefully to the story and answer who?, what?, where?, when? questions related to the story and anticipate what may happen next.

In mathematics we continued to develop using positional language to describe where the pig is on the house. It was lovely to observe children during their free play consolidating this learning using the houses to independently use language to describe where the pig was. The children also developed their critical thinking and problem solving as they worked out how the pig could get into the house "Cos he is to big to fit down the chimney" "We could lift the house and he could go under". Great thinking!

Within our free play we have used the language of size to describe the apples we found in our orchard, created autumn trees, created leaf crowns, created a helpful hedgehog, used autumn treasures to print in the playdough, threaded a leaf necklace and used our outdoor environment to hunt for signs of autumn.

Next week we will be introduced to number 1, apples will be a focus of learning and we will explore harvest.

Have a lovely weekend preschool,

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