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Anti-Bullying Week at Wybunbury Delves

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Last week we celebrated Anti Bullying Week at Wybunbury Delves with the theme of 'Choose Respect'. Every class got involved from Pre School all the way up to Year 6. Pre school looked at being a good friend and kindness whilst Reception celebrated how all families are different. Year 5/6 focused on bullying that can happen online, called Cyber Bullying and Year 2 and 3 looked at how you can remain friends even if you have different interests. Year 3 explored what bullying is and Year 4 looked at how a person might feel inside if hurtful things are said to them over and over again, using the bruised apple activity. Year 1 thought about how to be a kind friend and what that means and read a story called Introducing Teddy about accepting people for who they are. Click here https://youtu.be/DGEUOSo7d-g to see what Year 3 got up to.

Along with Miss McCurrie, our Y5 friendship team led a worship on 'gender' and asked the questions are there games and toys only for boys and other games for girls? They acted out some different scenarios and the rest of the school gave great answers and their opinions, focusing on celebrating difference and respect. We then sung the song 'This is Me' from the Greatest Showman because in the words of Amelie Y6 "the song is about celebrating who you are and how no one else is like you."

Lots of classes took part in activities such as the crumpled paper activity to show how someone can feel is they constantly hear negative comments. These activities were met with very mature comments from the children who were open and honest about feelings and comments they may have heard or said.

Last but not least the whole school took part in making a 'friendship chain'. Each child had a strip of paper where they wrote what makes a good friend. We joined them together to make a long chain which is now on display in school.

What was your favourite part of the week? What did you learn about?

Miss McCurrie

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