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School Office

We have had another successful and busy week in year 1 and you have continued to make me so proud. In just one week we have learnt so much whilst enjoying our topic of transport.In English, we have been wonderful writers whilst becoming fully engrossed in the story of the 'three little...

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Mrs Pointon

Years 5 and 6 were excited to join Mr Hadfield for their first after school session this week. As a group we learnt about the history of how people make fires, the tools they used, and how over time they have become more efficient with the tools they use. We moved from the tepee to the forest...

Miss McCurrie

Another week in Year 3 and we have learnt so much. In maths we have started our unit on fractions. We looked at whole and parts and then moved on to finding halves and quarters of shapes and then of amounts. I am so impressed with how well you are working. You are sharing ideas and strategies with...

Mrs Taylor

Another super busy week in reception!In our literacy based activities this week, we have continued with our daily phonics sessions, adding i, n, p, g and o sounds to our known sounds. We have practiced saying the sounds in different words, reading sounds, writing sounds and blending sounds to...

Miss Welch

This week, we have been historians, scientists, linguists, sportsmen and sportswomen and all round fantastic people!Throughout our English lessons this week, we have been learning our talk for writing. We are exploring a time slip text based on Clock Close. In our story, Billy finds a battered...

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Mr Dale

This week in Y4, we have been fire-starters, perfecting place value and super sound scientists...During Book Club this week we continued to read aloud, answer questions and complete book changes. It's been amazing to see so many wonderful reading diaries and we've also had some fantastic...

Mrs Jenkins

Wow, what a super week in PE!We have focussed on communication and teamwork as well as continuing to improve our sustained running during the daily mile. We're trying very hard to run a little slower but for longer, rather than running too fast and having to walk.Year 1 worked hard on...

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Mrs B

A busy week in Year 6!This week in Maths we have continued to investigate place value. We have compared and rounded numbers into the millions and we have worked with negative numbers too. Before we move on to a new unit, we consolidated our learning and assessed our new knowledge. Next week we...

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Miss P

We have had a wonderful week in Year 2! In maths we have been learning all about the 'Part-whole Model' and we have been using it to help us partition tens and ones. To do this job, we have also been using lots of resources like our counters, diens and our numicon. You have all worked...

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Tara Gregory

This week we have been on a journey and discovered just how wonderful we really are. As part of your homelink you were asked to add a photograph of the people that live in your house and a photograph of your child as a baby. This has led our learning this week.Within our personal, social and...

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